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All The Video Game Easter Eggs That Reference ‘Indiana Jones’

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Indiana Jones is an awesome pop culture icon, so it makes sense nods and references to him would make it into many games. Here are some of the best examples.

May want to wear your fedora to watch this. Makes it feel more authentic.

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The 6 Craziest Mass Extinctions Ever

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The 5 most incredible mass extinctions ever to occur and a look at whether the sixth might be occuring right now.


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App note: Magnetic stripe reader

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Application note(PDF) from Silicon Labs on Magnetic stripe reader (MSR) implementation.

Magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) are widely used in many different applications such as point-of-sale terminals and key card readers. The C8051F330 is capable of integrating MSR functionality in a very small space with few external components. The high-speed, high-resolution ADC, coupled with a fast controller core makes this integration possible. This design demonstrates a two-channel MSR function using the on-chip ADC to read information directly from the magnetic read head. Output can be viewed using a PC’s terminal program via an RS-232 connection.

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Go to Minecraft Camp — at Home! (Parents can Come, too!)

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If you’ve played Minecraft, you love Minecraft. It’s like digital LEGO. And like the Danish bricks, Minecraft can take you from just playing with virtual blocks all they way up to designing and programming the most amazing things.

So how much fun would it be to be able to go to Minecraft camp and learn how to do it?

Our sponsor today is Connected Camps, and they’re putting on a Summer of Minecraft camp that sounds like a huge blast. Some of the key elements include:

  • Problem solving and design
  • Advanced building techniques
  • Online and web literacy
  • Collaboration and community organizing
  • Digital citizenship
  • Weekly challenges that engage players of all levels
  • Guides for parents and educators
  • Live streams introducing challenges and showcasing player creations
  • An online forum for campers to ask questions and share

The camp is recommended for kids between 9 and 13. It runs for 4 weeks between July 6th – August 2nd, 2015, and everything happens on private, moderated servers with camp counselors online to ensure a safe, moderated, multiplayer environment. Here’s what kids can expect just in the first week of camp:

Settling and Home Building – Players will claim their plot of land and build their home in the community. Players can complete the challenge through different pathways:

  • Advanced Building – Take your builds to the next level.
  • Collaborate with other players to make your creations in game look better than ever with advanced building techniques.
  • Documenting and Sharing – Like what you see on the server? Learn to document your Minecraft experience with screenshots, videos, and writing to be shared on the rest of the Internet through photo albums, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Creating Player Challenges. – Make this week’s challenge your own by creating your own and issuing it to other players. We’ll feature the best player created challenges in our game announcements and blogs.

On top of that, as an add-on, kids can take a one-week special programming class that will teach them how to actually code in Minecraft using the Lua programming language, running on special servers. Kids can walk away learning how to program computers and robots to perform in-game tasks for them, and learn programming concepts that can be applied to many other programming languages.

And even better, parents can participate as well! Parents can sign up in a parallel camp with its own servers, and attend seminars that will follow what the kids are doing, so everyone can learn.

The Online Kid Camp runs $150 for the 4-week camp.
The Coding Camp Add-on is $50.
The Grown-up Camp is just $25.

If you register multiple campers (or parents), you’ll save 25%.

And if you use the special code “GD25″ you can save another 25%!

If this sounds like just the thing for your kids (and you), take a run by Connected Camps to learn more. And when you’re ready to register, just click here.

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Adventures of Schrödinger’s Cat #SaturdayMorningCartoons

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altEach Saturday Morning here at Adafruit is Saturday Morning Cartoons! Be sure to check our cartoon and animated posts both nostalgic and new that inspire makers of all ages! You’ll find how-tos for young makers, approaches to learning about science and engineering, and all sorts of comic strip and animated Saturday Morning fun! Be sure to check out our Adafruit products featuring comic book art while you’re at it!

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Why Doesn’t IRON MAN’s Suit Kill Him? [Science Video]

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It doesn’t kill him because SCIENCE! And Future Science!

hy doesn’t Tony Stark’s insides turn into goo as he accelerates in his suit? Kyle dives into the inertia of Iron Man on Because Science.


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